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Committed to being the best at what we do, exceeding our customers expectations, while seizing value added opportunities.

Richland, LLC was recognized by Inc. Magazine in 2011 as one of the Top Small Company Work Places. Inc. Magazine also listed Richland, LLC as one of the Top 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in the United States for five consecutive years, and listed by Business Tennessee Magazine as one of the Hot 100 Companies for five consecutive years. With recognition like this, it is apparent Richland, LLC not only provides individual and industrial needs at the local level, but also focuses on providing quality American-made products globally.

Richland, LLC is an industrial based service company which originally started as a steel sales and warehouse business supplying local industry with their steel needs.

This part of our company is now referred to as the Steel Sales Division. As the business grew and evolved, Richland became a custom metal fabrication facility and a licensed industrial contractor.

The Custom Fabrication Division offers contract manufacturing services to local industry and original equipment manufacturers nationwide, while the Industrial Services Division offers our international industrial clients experience in concrete, structural, mechanical, equipment installation, and electrical construction.

As a natural progression to better serve our industrial clients, we later added the Industrial Door Division which provides sales, service and installation of industrial and residential doors and dock equipment.

A sixth division, Sandblast and Paint, was formed in 2005.  Not only does this provide finishing for many of our fabrication projects, it also serves to attract customers from industry, agriculture, and general populace in need of metal

populace in need of metal finishing services.  Such work can be done either at Richland, LLC’s facility or at the customer location.

S&R Machining, LLC was created with the formation of an alliance with a neighboring machine shop in 2007.  Equipped with modern machine tools and a competent staff, S&R can provide precision machining in support of Richland, LLC’s fabrication services while also meeting other customers’ needs for both low and high volume machining.  The alliance will be further enhanced in 2008 with capabilities of a 30hp G&L CNC controlled vertical boring mill, with parameters of 96”deep x 72”vertical x 360”long, being brought into service.

Each of Richland, LLC's five divisions compliments the other, providing diversity and stability to our organization, while providing a broad range of products and service capabilities to our industrial clients. Our five divisions are located in Pulaski, TN in a 85,000 square foot facility.


Being the Best at What We Do,
Exceeding Customer Expectations,
While Seizing Value Added Opportunities


Our Vision is Accomplished by Maintaining a
Positive, Stable Work Environment of Highly
Qualified Team Members Operating Within
Our Five Star Leadership Principles


Trust and confidence creates a relationship that builds high standards
of ethics and demonstrates a sense of corporate responsibility.


Available and approachable to answer any questions, listen, and constantly communicate the “why” to make action meaningful.


Proven experience and expertise gained from year after year of seeking the most current cutting edge while practicing a pragmatic approach.


Nothing is static. It takes adaptability and flexibility to stay current and top of the latest methods and technology.


Motivation and energy come intrinsically when there is a well of enthusiasm and enjoyment in what one does.

Five Star Leadership Principles